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Customer Service in Organisation


Customer service is required in every organization in order to understand the customer properly and accurately so that company can adopt those changes and improve their services. It requires high quality of services, assistance so that customer can simple resolve their issues and problems faced by them (Brohman and, 2015). This helps the organization to adopt the changes accordingly and achieve their goals and success. This helps to increase and build the customer satisfaction level. Following report is about the customer service manager of Zee Hospitality Group where consumer has faced the issue regarding the service. The Group is having various resorts and hotels (Khan and Gibbons, 2014).

1. Letter from customer regarding the issue

12 West side street London, UK Customer Service Manager Zee Hospitality Group London, UK 21ndJune, 2017 Dear Sir, With most respect I’m writing this letter as I found the customer service at your hotel to be worst and lacking on 20thJune, 2017. I stayed at your hotel during that period, Mr. XYZ of your company has attended for my service. When I arrived at the hotel no one was their to pick my luggage. I need to take my luggage myself to the reception. Then I asked the receptionist, that their was no one he ignored me and was busy with the gossip. I had already booked my rooms and conveyed about my coming then also service negligence was there. At the reception also, the person was busy with the other staff and was listing music, they took half an hour to attend me. I asked for inappropriate behavior they replied in very unpleasant and cruel way. He let me stand there for another half an hour. After all the details fulfillment, I inquired for the service man to deliver my luggage to my room they told in very unpleasant way to take the luggage with self. It was the morning time and I had my business meeting so I left the discussion and moved on. On reaching to room it as complete mess and foul smell was coming so I again complained the manager. I don’t know what reason he gave and told me to shift to another room. The second was not what I booked and was also in very bad condition. As my meeting was their so I focused on that and moved on. I kept my luggage their and moved for meeting. Further, when I returned the room service was worst and unsatisfied. I have certainty that this is not the way your service could be and you definitely need to conduct business with proper values. Moreover, I have availed your service at other hotels also they were too pleasing and memorable. With due respect I would request you to discuss about the issues and reason why such things happened. Further, I would like to prevent such situation from recurring. I would be looking forward for your reply. Your faithfully, ZXY

Letter from Manager.

21stJune, 2017 Dear ZXY, Firstly, I would like thank you for your letter and giving a chance to improve. Further, I’m very sorry for all the unexpected things faced by you at the hotel. We would like to solve your problem in all possible ways and also find the issues why you faced such problems. Please provide me your contact so that we could resolve the issues faced by you and moreover we would like to refund you, as due to inappropriate behaviors of our services. Along with this we would like your support in improving the condition so it doesn’t occur in future. As the customer service manager I would like have sincere apology for inconvenience faced by you. Thank you for your feedback and we assure you to adopt changes. Our main motive is to serve the customer and provide full satisfaction and I hope you will continue to use our service in future. Thank you, ZZZ Customer service manager, Zee Hospitality Group, 12354235234

3. The conversation between the manager and customer regarding unsatisfactory services

Customer: Hello, good morning. Manager: Hello sir how may I help you? Customer: I have called you to tell you about the inappropriate services of your hotel. I am unhappy with the response of your staff members. They have no realization of their responsibilities. No one is there to pick my luggage when I had entered the hotel. Due to the unpleasant behavior of the staff members the luggage had been taken by myself to the room. My office meeting was completely messed up because the services are not provided to me on time so I have been late to the office. Manager: Sorry for the inconvenience sir. We are feeling so embarrassed to hear all these things but next time we will take care of each thing which will fulfill all you desire. Actually, all the employees were engaged with other stuffs so they were not able to attend you. Even manager was also managing the same so you had faced these kinds of problems. If you come again then you will have better response and better facilities from us. Personally I will motivate all the employees and workers to serve our customer properly. Further, we also informed the manager XZY about his service. Customer: I hope for the same. Manager: Thank you sir.


I liked such customer which provide the feedback and give us chance to improve. Customer was really too friendly and he was too supportive (Gilmore and, 2013). During the conversation, I provided him the case why it happened and further recommendation which were adopted to resolve them. The main issues was that staff was busy at other areas and no was busy at reception. The way of communication was formal, he lettered me and then we had the phone call conversation. This shows the positive behavior and good approach of the customers. Moreover, being calm to such case reduce the anger of customer and helps in clarifying the problems (Heskett, 2013). Also, providing other service advantages helps the customer to continue using the organizational favor. I’m confident, that by the conversation he was influenced and he would continue to use our services. Such customer are really necessary for the development of the organization and achieve their goals.


The report is about the customer service which was not proper and affected the customer at Zee hospitality Group. Letter was provided by the customer regarding the issues to customer service manager, and reply was given. Moreover, problem analysis was done and same was solved. Such things are required to achieve organization goals and maintain reputation of the hospitality groups.


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